Monday, September 26, 2011

students and society in rural area

Upon completion of your course, you are posted to an interior school which poses some challenges to you. Among the problems that you face are:
·                     low English proficiency among the children
·                     most of the school children are absent on Mondays
·                     some parents do not bother about their children's achievements in school
As an English teacher, what would you do to improve the prevailing situation? Your write-up should not be less than 300 words. Give a suitable title to your post.

            Nowadays, there are a lot of school build in our country. The school build not only in  city or town, but also in rural area. As a teacher, we cannot avoid our duty to teach students in rural area. We will be posting there to teach them, the main problem with them is in english learning. There are many ways to improve their English. But first thing we need to do are improve our own English.
            The children in interior school have problem in learning English. We must change our method of teaching based on their level. Low English proficiency among them do not meant that they do not stand a chance to learn English well. We must attract them to make English subject to be their favorite subject. They need our guide and encouragement to increase their focus on englsih subject. Sometimes teaching is not always be in the class. Bring the children to outside of class. Expose them to identify some object outside the class and name it. In the class, make sure they speak in English although their English not really good. From there, they will be motivated to improve their English.
            The problem of their absent also can be prevent. Every Monday, held an assembly every morning to do some spot check for their attendance. Make a punishment for students which are absent. The punishment such as cleaning the school compound, helping teacher, and other charity work. Do not beat them because they will more scared to be in the school. Make sure every Monday, there will be some fun activities for children so that they will more often attend to school because of the activities.
            Every success has an encouragement from our beloved one. Their beloved one must be their parents. In rural school, parents not bother their children to success in school. They think that their children should continue their work in sea and farm. Nowadays our world need a scholar to develop our country. Knowledge are important to every each person. Expose to their parents that every successful person in the world start form school. School can guarantee their children life. Every work that we do in this country need a lot of knowledge. In school, the government had provided a curriculum that compatible with our need.
             As a conclusion, interior school need a good management for their children, parents and society to be more concerned about education.

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